Tuesday, March 29, 2011


March 24th-26th, 2011

A BIG THANK YOU TO...  Amy, Robin, Lori, Jenny, Heather, and Judy---the Quilt Barn "chicks" of Kimberly, Idaho!  You're awesome! Thanks for being the first group to experience the Lakehouse--and for your positive feedback.  I had a fabulous time hosting you and watching the creativity flow.  The sewing machines were humming and finished projects were stacking up.  These women were amazing as they sewed away the day and night--along with a lot of girl talk and a little karaoke!  I was totally inspired by these creative women!

The Idaho Quilt Barn is a wonderful quilting paradise well stocked to provide the quilter with it all.  A definite favorite of mine!  Check out their blog linked here on my site for all the current offerings.  These girls, along with Heather, the owner run the place with creative juices that are non-stop!  The store will undoubtedly become a favorite to add to the stops on a weekend shop hop in southern Idaho!

This beginning retreat was awesome--a fabulous beginning of something wonderful!  I loved the entire process of creating an atmosphere of relaxation and hospitality--from the Early Bird Breakfast, to the Brunch Buffet, then Afternoon Tea and even through late night Snack Time!  It was an incredible experience for me and a dream come true in embracing and sharing my passion for quilting and entertaining.

The Lakehouse is awaiting your arrival as well.  Gather your quilting friends and plan to come and experience an unforgettable relaxing retreat.  Email me at quiltingatthelakehouse@gmail.com for availability.

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Material Mary said...

Shanna, sounds like it was a true success. After having been pampered by one of your getaways, I can truly say these women were well taken care of. Everything looks lovely in the picture!! Keep it up!!